About Our Name

Dragonflies and Lavender.  What’s in a name?



There are many myths about dragonflies. Depending on the culture, they can represent a visit from a deceased loved one, the unconscious, good luck, change, or even something sinister. I am attracted to the idea that dragonflies are born from eggs that live in the water before turning into the beautiful flying creatures we see on land. This transformation from one life form to another impresses me as powerful and completely natural, like death.

There’s more about the mythology of dragonflies on this website where folklore blogger and host of a podcast called Fabulous Folklore takes a deep dive into the topic.   https://www.icysedgwick.com/dragonfly-folklore/



Like dragonflies, there are many myths and meanings ascribed to lavender. It’s purple, my favorite color and the color that represents the crown chakra, the energy center associated with spirituality. It smells heavenly and in the language of flowers, it represents serenity.

Lavender has been used for its fragrance and therapeutic value for thousands of years. Its properties are said to improve headaches, belly troubles and sore throats. Egyptians used lavender oil for embalming. Today it is used to relieve stress and promote good sleep.

Lavender flowers personify healing, grace and peace of mind.  So much to love!