Dragonflies and Lavender is a social work practice designed to help you address matters of death with intention and grace. I am trained as a death doula and I use that training and my decades of social work experience to personalize your care.

I provide support and resources so that you can live your life to the fullest each day. My goal is to help you identify and meet your needs in the face of a terminal diagnosis, or the diagnosis or death of a loved one.

As a death doula, I can walk with you as you move toward the end of your life. This can be anything from getting your affairs in order, making arrangements for your burial and funeral services, discussing decisions about where you want to die and who might be present with you in the days ahead. The goal is for you to find as much peace as you can when life is hard.

I offer support for family members caring for someone actively dying. I can facilitate difficult conversations with family members, friends and loved ones. If you’d like, we can use our time to open up channels of communication where relationships have been strained or severed.

I am available to meet with your family members and loved ones to support you in conversations that are difficult.  Facing death in ourselves or our loved ones means time is of the essence. Words said or left unsaid take on increased significance. My years of experience as a social worker provide me with skills that may help untangle difficult situations you feel pressured to address.

Here’s how that can work:

Initial Assessment:  We spent time exploring what you need and want in your life and set goals based on what is achievable. I provide any resources I know of and find others if I can.

Ongoing connection:  We meet in person or via Zoom on a schedule we’ve agree upon. This could be every other week or once a month, or whatever you believe would be best for you.

Meetings:  At each meeting, we take a look at the goals you have set and your progress in meeting them. Do you want to amend them? Are there new strategies needed to accomplish them? What resources might you access to move closer to your goals? Are we at a stopping point or do we want to schedule another meeting?

I will send you an invoice after each meeting for our agreed upon fee. Prompt payment is appreciated. If you are challenged to pay the invoice before we are scheduled to meet again, please let me know so we can discuss this.

Dragonflies and Lavender does not provide psychotherapy or hospice care. I do not provide legal or medical advice. I can help you access mental health resources when you are facing end of life challenges.

It may be that you would benefit from additional support such as psychotherapy. If that is the case, I can assist you in making connections and arranging for care. Together we are often able to overcome the obstacles that keep us from reaching out and getting our needs met.

Dragonflies and Lavender is not part of the medical model. Although I am a licensed, clinical social worker, my services are not reimbursable through your insurance. I am not diagnosing you or treating you with psychotherapy. Of course, I extend to you and your loved ones confidentiality with the usual exemptions of concern regarding homicide, suicide or abuse of a vulnerable person, including elders.

Please let me know if you think we could work together. If so, I’ll send a brief intake form for you to complete and then we’ll meet to talk further.